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To change your password, please visit to change your password. It's simple, just click the url you get in your email and input a new password!
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Your Player Card
Your player card is the key to customizing your penguin!


Click your penguin Inventory tab Click on a category Click on an item Your coin balance


To view your player card, click your penguin or choose the icon on your tool bar. Use the scroll bar on the right side to scroll through all your items.

To view items by category, click the tab on the bottom of your inventory.

Select the category to view items.

You can see your coin balance at the bottom of your player card, which tells you how much money you have to spend.
There are lots of ways to customize your penguin! You can choose different colors, flags, backgrounds , collectable pins, clothes and accessories.

Choose an item from your inventory and click to put it on your penguin.

Click the item on your penguin to put it back in your store.

Buy Items

Adding to your inventory is a lot of fun!

Earn coins Find a catalog Click on an item Click "Yes" to buy

Play games all over Club Penguin Rewritten to earn virtual coins and purchase your favorite items.

The Penguin Style catalog in the Gift Shop and the Snow and Sport catalog in the Sport Shop are packed with cool clothes and accessories to buy. Everyone can buy colors, backgrounds, and flags.

When Rockhopper is docked in Club Penguin Rewritten, he sells items on his ship. He arrives approximately every two months.

To make a purchase, open a catalog, find the item you want and click 'Buy'. The item will be added to your player card inventory.


Catalogs are updated at different times. The Penguin Style (clothing) catalog is updated every month. Some old items are removed from the catalog for a time and re-released in a later catalog.

Some items are hidden in the catalog. To find them, use your mouse and watch for mouse pointer to change. Click on it to see the clothing item.

Limited Edition Items

Limited edition items are released whenever a catalog is updated. If the current catalog does not have an item from a previous catalog, it was a limited edition item and may return at a later date.

Catalogs are updated at different times. The best way to find out when a new one is coming out is to read the Upcoming Events in the newspaper.