Other Penguins

Every penguin has a player card just like you do. You can pull up another penguin's player card and use it to interact with them. The icons on the bottom of the card are different actions.


  • Use the smiley icon to send a penguin a buddy invite. When this penguin accepts your invite he/she will be added to your buddy list.
  • Use the find icon to find a buddy who is on the same server as you but in a different room.


Click Another Player Player Card Add Buddy Find Buddy


  • Use the house icon to visit a buddy's igloo. To use this action the penguin must already be on your buddy list.
  • Use the envelope icon to send a penguin penguin mail.
  • Use the ghost icon to ignore the penguin. This means you will not see what they say.To remove a penguin from your ignore list, click the smiley face icon on your tool bar. Next click the ghost icon and select the penguin name you want to remove from the ignore list.
  • Use the moderator icon to report another penguin to a moderator.


Visit Buddy's Igloo Send Penguin Mail Ignore Penguin Report Penguin