Flash Player


Flash Player is a program and web browser plugin that lets you watch videos and animations on your computer. Everything you see in Club Penguin Rewritten uses Flash.


  • Why do I need to enable Flash Player?:
    To protect your computer, most web browsers require you to give a website permission before Flash content such as Club Penguin Rewritten can run and without this permission the game cannot be played.

  • How do I enable Flash Player?
    Visit our play page and click the "Enable Now" button, you should see a popup asking you if Flash Player should be allowed to run.
    You can also install our Chrome extension 'CPRewritten Flash Enabler' to have this automatically done for you.

  • What will happen if I block or don't allow Flash Player to run?
    You will be unable to play Club Penguin Rewritten unless you allow Flash Player to run.

  • What should I do if the game doesn't appear after clicking "Enable Now"?
    Please try using another web browser first such as Google Chrome to see if this fixes the issue. Install our Chrome extension found here to see if this helps and if the issue still occurs then contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

  • Is Flash Player safe?
    We recommend allowing your web browser to automatically update to keep your Flash Player updated for the best security.

  • Is the Chrome Extension safe?
    Yes, the only permission it requests is to change site settings(such as which websites can run Flash Player) which it uses to allow CPRewritten.net to work without you having to do it yourself.