Chat Quick Keys
Penguin Mail Actions

You can chat with friends using the predetermined phrase menu or you can type your own messages. To use the predetermined phrases, click the speech bubble icon on the far left of your screen menu.

To type messages you must be set to Standard Safe Chat. Click your mouse inside the chat bar at the bottom, middle of your screen, use your keyboard to type phrases and then hit enter.

Penguin Mail

Use Penguin Mail to send postcards to penguins. To access your inbox, simply click the envelope icon at the top left of your screen. You can do everything from your inbox, including:

- Send a new postcard
- View postcards
- Save postcards you've received
- Send mail to buddies (even when they're not online!)

To send a postcard, open the postcard catalog, select a buddy and the postcard you want to send. Preview the postcard and then click yes to send.

Postcards cost 10 coins to send.


Emotes are a great way to communicate with other penguins. Emotes are small icons that display a thought or emotion. Find a list of common emotes when you click the smiley face icon second from the left on your tool bar.

Quick Keys

You can display emotes and do actions using keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of quick keys. Try them out next time you log in to play Club Penguin!

Some quick keys are:

Your penguin can do several different actions. Click the sitting penguin icon on your tool bar. It is the third icon from the left. Choose an action and watch your penguin. You can sit, dance and wave. To throw a snowball, click the snowball icon on your tool bar and click the area you want to throw it.